Best Phones 2017 with Snapdragon 835

Lightning Speeds On The Go

Best Phones 2017 with Snapdragon 835

Best Phones 2017 with Snapdragon 835

Hey guys, here are the best Snapdragon 835 phones you can get right now (July 2017). Tired of lag? Well these smartphones offer the fastest performance for gaming, photo editing, and web browsing and anything else you can throw at them. But, not only are these mobiles fast, they are also some of the best phones you can buy in 2017. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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20 Responses

  1. Muhd Aiman says:

    Xiaomi Mi 6

  2. Андрей Кучма says:

    sux! nokia 8 is better than most of this phones

  3. NaiZ says:

    Xiaomi is love, xiaomi is life

  4. Bernji van Jelinek says:

    Now, the OP5T is the best one! 😉

  5. Prabir Kumar Biswas says:

    Asus Zenfone 3 Is A Best Mobe

  6. Egg Plant says:

    where is the LG v30 and Pixel?

  7. Shane :D says:

    lol nubia is the name of some thot i used to know

  8. Muhammad Smart says:

    HTC is from China

  9. Vanoss Gaming says:

    OnePlus 5

  10. tig dolob says:

    Adreno 540 Snapdragon 835 (MSM8998) 710 MHz 567 GFlops
    Adreno 530 Snapdragon 821 (MSM8996PRO) 650 MHz 519.2 GFlops
    GT7800(12 Clusters) Apple A10X Fusion 650 MHz 499.2 GFlops
    GT7800+(12 Clusters) Apple A9X 450 MHz 345.6 GFlops

  11. Rohit S Cherian says:

    Buddy why are you not uploading videos for a long time

  12. TechON says:

    Very Good

  13. Cookie says:

    no iphone 7/7 plus 🙁

  14. alain malisoux says:

    Hello ! Is it possible to present the new Meizu pro 7 ? Thx

  15. Potaterz - says:

    Dang that mi6

  16. Mike's Aquatics says:

    wait…. htc = Help This Company

    lol like my comment

  17. Rohit S Cherian says:

    hii buddy whem is the giveaway result announcing

  18. Lazyres says:

    watching on my one plus 5.

  19. POINTLESS GUY says:

    My ratings are
    6. OnePlus 5 2/10
    The Phone with the most problems award goes to OnePlus with benchmark cheating, marketing lies and rebooting when calling the emergency service.
    5. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ (US) 5/10
    I prefer the faster and better Exynos version. Snapdragon works slow on Samsung flagships. And no, I don't want an infinity display that is just as the same as an AMOLED panel. Also TouchWiz is not my type.
    4. Sony XZ Premium 6/10
    A rectangular design is not ergonomic but software is good enough for me. Overall would not buy right away but I will consider because of its 1000fps slow mo camera.
    3. HTC U11 6.5/10
    The glossy back and mirror finish look great. With 3D glass and pressure sensors, HTC gets the award for most innovative features this year. But putting ads on HTC Sense UI keyboard, yes keyboard, is a major let down.
    2. ZTE Nubia Z17 7.5/10
    Great specs all around. A good all rounder. Great camera, decent software and great value for money ratio.
    1. Mi 6 8/10
    It doesn't have water resistance like the others. It doesn't has a camera like the others. It doesn't have an AMOLED panel like the others. So what does it have? Great battery life, blazing fast performance. MIUI paired with the processor gives lightning fast experience. The UI is also very battery efficient, reaching up to 1 and half day with moderate use. And with the rise of Xiaomi's cheap and affordable smart home products. This is the phone that is more future proof than any other. I personally go heavy with any phone that is fast and has a great battery life that can last me the day and I do not want to bring a fast charging cable with me just because my phone cannot hold enough juice(talking about OnePlus' Dash Charge). I want my phone to be charged overnight and be able to use it for the whole tommorow, and this phone does it. Also this phone is the cheapest of all of the Snapdragon 835 phones.

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