Demystifying 5G and the evolution to massive MIMO for increased capacity and profit

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Demystifying 5G and the evolution to massive MIMO for increased capacity and profit

What is the motivation for 5G from an operator’s perspective? This webinar explores two critical technologies for evolving 4G into 5G: virtualization of the baseband processing and massive MIMO antenna arrays. Baseband virtualization can result in 50 % lower operating expenses (OPEX) for cellular operators while increasing network capacity by implementing enhanced coordinated multipoint (CoMP). Massive MIMO replaces existing separate radio units and passive antennas with an integrated transceiver plus antenna arrays to create an active antenna system with the coexistence of beamforming and MU-MIMO architectures. While both technologies are considered critical for 5G, they are already being developed for integration into existing TD-LTE networks. In this webinar, the challenges facing massive MIMO deployment and measurement will be briefly addressed, and over-the-air (OTA) measurements for 5G mmWave radio equipment based on Rohde & Schwarz benchtop OTA solutions will be demonstrated.

What you will learn:
– Massive MIMO concept, application and challenges
– Measurement of 5G antenna radiation pattern using the R&S®DST200 RF diagnostic chamber
– Realtime beamsteering measurements for mmWave systems with the OTA power measurement solution

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  1. freecat beme says:

    Will Our Brains be okay ?  as if they are now !  I mean does anyone Really know ?  or care ?well okay, here I go 1 hr video…I have wifi but have been resisting getting a smart phone and my lgenvy3 works as did the lg envy 2's…I think no matter what I ain['t gettin' a Smarter Phone.  don't like the screens.  I prefer to type texts.

  2. freecat beme says:

    sounds good !  SOUNDS good !  I am a technophobe for real.  but I am trying to learn about how this tech stuff works.  I lived 30m from SillyCon  valley most of my life.  still preferred to be walkin' thru those REDWOODS without a phone !  now I live far away from there.  anyway…I think this guy knows how to teach and communicate.  maybe this stuff will Click in my brain afterall !  also hope there are no real negative Side Effects, unintended consequences, regarding all this wifi … I grew up without it…anyway…I AM trying to learn…

  3. SAMO YNWA says:

    Hello and thank you for this wonderful video
    actually i am wondering if I can make a research of Massive MIMO vs OFDM
    i hope you give an advice for this idea or should I change the plan

    thanks again 🙂

  4. Hasan Ahamed says:

    How is the layering done, say 8 layers, 16 layers

  5. Navratan Sharma says:

    In Japan 6G running and testing next 7G



  7. Yaghiyah Brenner says:

    it looks like a dentist operating room. good talk though !

  8. asif mir says:

    Very nicely explained. Thank you

  9. desdasdass says:

    Thank you for the video. Where does the beamforming explanation come from? Can you please add a reference to the related paper? Thanks

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