EE Gigabit Class LTE Network deployment upgrades: 4×4 MIMO, B3 LTE refarming, 256QAM

Lightning Speeds On The Go

EE Gigabit Class LTE Network deployment upgrades: 4×4 MIMO, B3 LTE refarming, 256QAM

New capacity and throughput deployments by EE to prepare for gigabit LTE on Qualcomm X16 and latest Exynos Shannon modems.
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EE cat 9 3CA:
EE Gigabit LTE:
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Snapdragon X20 gigabit lte modem info

In these video I will give you info about x20 for 5G.
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8 Responses

  1. Jason Etheridge says:

    Peter, I've been watching for videos for a while. I'm interested to know what software you are using for your tests? Many thanks.

  2. astrostrotch says:

    Excellent video Peter, you mention you would like to get hold of a capable device to access this new tech. I was thinking of getting an S8 but there seems to be some doubt as to whether the EU version with the Shannon modem supports 4×4 and 256 QAM. What are your thoughts on this? Maybe an XZ premium with SD X16??

  3. CarterVlogs says:

    T-Mobile in the us has already deployed SOME of LTE-U SPECTRUM AND ITS VERY VERY VERY FAST

  4. abhishek singh says:

    nice video ,which app is used in Phone to see if your Phone using the CA Cells …Tried the Numerous APP but not giving the Clear indication ….Tnks for suggestion .

  5. The Dishwasher says:

    Nice lighting in the back there, kind of your matches your shirt.

  6. lozzamanuk says:

    What app is it that your using?

  7. Dubspace says:

    For me to achieve 1 Gbps, 1800 (10 MHz variant with only 256QAM) + 1800 (20 MHz variant with 4×4 MIMO and 256QAM) + 2600 (20 MHz variant with the same config like the second 1800 carrier) can be used.

  8. Sagnik C. says:

    baat roh dhang se kia kar bhai…..

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