Extreme verizon 4GLTE speed test s8 plus gigabit LTE chip

Lightning Speeds On The Go

Extreme verizon 4GLTE speed test s8 plus gigabit LTE chip

Enjoy these verizon sleed test


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  1. Nigel B says:

    whats is the app you are using and how do i down load it please let me know thanks

  2. John User says:

    Burp @ 22:35 🤣👍

  3. joe ramseys says:

    thats band 2 and band 4 combined…verizons band 4 is xlte and their band i am thinking is lte advanced

  4. JLEVOLTE says:

    ZzzzZ so slow

  5. IceColdKilax says:

    Where is that On Miami Beach ? 41St Arthur Godfrey ? Or is that more like Meridian Avenue?

  6. James Thomas says:

    Nice speeds. I live in the 6 (Toronto, Canada) and with my s8 just outside my house i get 300mbps down and 60mbps up.

  7. CarterVlogs says:

    It not really advanced because Verizon has the shitty 2 ca network not ideal in a big it's LTE SHIT!

  8. Yordan Yordanov says:

    They need to enable 256QAM on the download and 64QAM to the upload to achieve 55 Mbps upload.

  9. Gaming Nerd Reviews says:

    That's better than my wifi

  10. edrdpollito says:

    please upload your videos with more quality like 720 or 1080, you have ilimited data

  11. The Syndrosphear says:

    Hey man Question: I'm thinking of getting Verizon's lte advanced…I have a Galaxy s7 and wanted to know how well lte advnaced does.?

    Is there any additional cost? or is it just a hey i want this and boom i got it? XD


  12. Ronell Elkayam says:

    How do I contact you privately? I live in Aventura, FL and wanted to see if you were interested in helping me do a head-to-head comparison of T-Mobile vs. Verizon. I just got my S8 on T-Mobile. If you're willing to drive around in Aventura with me, I'm willing to reciprocate/drive around in Miami Beach with you. Alternatively, I'm willing to pay for your time. 😉 My email: Ronell [at] Barron MD FL [dot] com

  13. GOAT BOIII says:

    Try tmobile bro

  14. The Alex Project says:

    great video bro want to be youtube friends

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