Galaxy S8 (Snapdragon) vs. Galaxy S8 (Exynos) Speed Test

Lightning Speeds On The Go

Galaxy S8 (Snapdragon) vs. Galaxy S8 (Exynos) Speed Test

Speed test between the Galaxy S8 powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 and the international Galaxy S8 powered by Samsung’s Exynos 8895 to see which one is faster.



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  1. TheWarGodz - Gaming says:

    Exynos Sucks When Playing High Graphic Games, Snapdragon Does Not

  2. Sulian Bol says:

    How does that effect battery life?

  3. The everything Channel says:

    ok now please do s9..

  4. himanshu dwivedi says:

    Exynos is better than snapdragon

  5. ProtagonistNonTheist says:

    This guy’s lips scream “I love to suck dick!”

  6. Chris -0 says:

    poor americans with there slower version hahahahaa

  7. Uros Andric says:

    Cool way..

  8. WenK says:

    Snapdragon passou mal slk ksksksk

  9. Starr Dust says:

    If.. I'll get my phone let's say in asia with exynos chip will it's still work when i come back to america using a different provider?

  10. That one guy who comments on random videos says:

    Which one is better for emulators?

  11. Spa Ghettorade says:

    snapdragon has radio fm. exynoss doesn't

  12. world channel says:

    why exynos looks like small

  13. Sam Sandeep says:

    Exynos 7885 is best

  14. omwtfyb says:

    So the message to take home is Fuck apple and their piece of shit iphones

  15. Frederick william Wantigo says:

    EXYNOS 8895!

  16. Kimarueda says:

    I have galaxy S8+ 128gb and 6gm ram (Only black color). this is Korean ver. little bit longer and larger than US ver.

  17. TheDarkhawk243 says:

    This can’t be accurate comparison. Your fingers might be slower to reach and tap another app after opening one.

  18. LoberaSupreme says:

    games for snap dragons

  19. я клипмейкер says:

    ai dont speek england whitch iz beter?

  20. Geert Matthys says:

    I have the chinese version, snapdragon and 6gb ram and no complaints.

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