HP Envy x2 Windows tablet with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Lightning Speeds On The Go

HP Envy x2 Windows tablet with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

HP Envy x2 Windows tablet with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

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  1. TomaCukor says:

    Qualcom GPUs are stronger than Intel GPUs, so any game that starts on this will generally perform better, if the software part is sorted.

  2. CJ says:

    Can this run gta v ?

  3. Miguel Garcia says:

    Can it run crysis , unity ,blender, Photoshop,Maya, visual studio?

  4. Jumo 777 says:

    This is useless has a laptop.Port this into a phone and you will be talking microsoft.Make a duo boot with android phone to start.That's my opinion.Thank you.

  5. MitchDC2 says:

    Come on Microsoft a Desktop UI for a tablet device… we need a different UI for every type of device and every type of input device.

  6. dysonlu says:

    This video shows how retarded it is to use touchscreen with Windows. It’s such a bad experience that he needed to grab the stylus.

  7. jayakumar v says:

    This windows is nothing but windows Mobile/RT with win32 emulator pre-installed….! ! !

  8. ZiisusChrist says:

    What a bunch of useless crap. Who needs always on tablet?
    Tablets are for kids on the road.

    If you wan't productivity then laptop or desktop is where it is at.
    They should bring us x86 smartphones where we can install full desktop.

    Now they are doing the other way around.

    I don't care about slow performance Windows x86 emulation.

  9. Jumo 777 says:

    This should be runing on a phone and tablets with continium not laptops.There are cheaper and more powerful laptops if you want a laptop not this.lt's hard to understand microsoft thinking again.

  10. DropThe Hammer says:

    I hope it can play PUBG at Ultra settings

  11. Juan Al says:

    It looks nice. But it's going to be too expensive.

  12. MaxAwesomeness GB says:

    Can you run programs like Fallout New Vegas and Office 2010 on the Snapdragon version?

  13. Miguel Ángel Fernández says:

    How does it feel running win32 programs?

  14. one1 says:

    I wonder benchmark score.. is it like my old existing laptop or faster?

  15. #1Hololens fans says:

    Of course it's not gonna be cheap! At atleast the first offerings! They are premium devices by design!
    Wait for simply designed laptops with no hybrid laptops!

  16. Nathan Dice says:

    Everythhing is better than Intel and amd

  17. travelerwithstyle says:

    The SNAPDRAGON 845 will be even better with faster CPU and GPU speeds when it is released. In the meantime MS will refine Windows 10 on the SNAPDRAGON 835 (first generation Windows 10 ARM devices).

    Another interesting one to watch are the AMD Mobile chips. AMD really made some major improvements to their lineup forcing Intel to step up improvements.

    Things are really heating up – competition will really make for some big improvements for all consumers.

  18. mario2gameme says:

    can you dual boot with android ?

  19. Gaming Addict says:

    Hardcore gaming review please like Bf1,COD WW2

  20. Gabriel Hernandez says:

    So Windows 10 runs on ARM now, hopefully Samsung and Microsoft can see the benefit of a supervisor enhancement as on Xbox One, so you can have smartphone which can be used to use Android as a smartphone and Windows as a desktop when you connect it to a monitor.

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