iPhone 8 could lose the Gigabit LTE that’s inside the Galaxy S8

Lightning Speeds On The Go

iPhone 8 could lose the Gigabit LTE that’s inside the Galaxy S8

Apple’s antenna issues that plagued the iPhone 7 could return with the iPhone 8, and more rumors point to a later iPhone release date this year.

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20 Responses

  1. erik daddo says:

    htc u 11 better

  2. utubedano says:

    I hope the edges aren't curved so that I can actually hold the damn phone without slipping!

  3. Anesa100 says:

    Apple falling more and more behind.

  4. johnnybyup says:

    I wonder why Apple can't make the Apple logo on the back the touch ID sensor.
    And ALL i use personally is iWork applications. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote is the best.

  5. Light Yagami says:

    I use pages on my mac…

  6. Tiago Barbs says:

    Ok, I still find it funny when people use the word copy. When a certain technology is not patented or can't be and a company releases that technology later with better stability and liability it isn't copying. Yes I'm talking about how Apple has chosen to hold back on many technologies to make sure they work perfectly on their devices. Does anyone really think that the most profitable company in the world has to copy another company's usage of an existing technology to succeed?

    What Samsung and many others have done is to put as many features in their devices possible before Apple to rase the "originality" reputation which is a great marketing strategy, but if you pay close attention to Samsung's phones for example, the flagship ones included, you'll see how they lack liability on a long term matter.

    Sam-Galaxy phones slow down considerably overtime in all areas and the battery fails to serve daily usage after 6 months to a year or just over that margin. iPhones however, don't have that reputation as Apple makes sure they release any tech when they've actually nailed it in quality and liability. So "copying" is an overused word now a days.

  7. webslinger2011 says:

    I still use Pages, keynote and iMovie.Still on 10.6.8. I haven't upgraded my OS cause I tried it on my usb flash drive and it got slower. Was running 10.7 on it and it was way faster. Unibody Macbook white 8GB Ram.

  8. Ian G says:

    What about iOS 11 rumors?!?!?!?? WWDC is a month away and all we are hearing is about hardware. What's coming in the next OS????

  9. jhim dotnet says:

    i use numbers everyday..

  10. Techno Bill says:

    extra crunchy is too long.

  11. Christopher Baines says:

    I use pages often, it works seamlessly between my mac, iPhone and iPad. I can updated a document from anywhere and still have the continuity I want. Plus, I'm not paying Microsoft for Word. Pages works just as well…

  12. BADDOGGY says:

    Nice update Mr Tong

  13. Chris Tudor says:

    I use pages all the time but have never listened to your crunchy show.

  14. Bryan Eidel says:

    You mean iWork.

  15. Bryan Eidel says:

    T-mobile is garbage!!!!!

  16. Preposterous Pixel says:

    I use iWork (especially Pages) pretty much everyday.

  17. parshantum says:

    I wouldn't mind waiting longer for the iphone 8 because my 7+ will do the job just fine until then. All I ask is for it to please not have a vertical camera…I've seen lots of mock ups for the vertical camera and none of them look good to me.

  18. Vitaly C says:

    Why So Small, Brian?

  19. Robert Donohoe says:

    I use pages at home, but I have to use word for school.

  20. John Mosley says:

    Hi Brain, First time writer, long watcher. I use Pages on my MacBook Pro, but I don'y watch Extra Crunchy.

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