iPhone Gigabit LTE?

Lightning Speeds On The Go

iPhone Gigabit LTE?

iPhone Gigabit LTE?

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12 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    As long as Verizon gives my phone a constant 100 Mbps everywhere I go I am happy with my iPhone X.

  2. Proce says:

    Answer is at 0:37.
    You're welcome.

  3. Omar Cardenas says:

    Well my s8 plus on Verizon already supports gigabit LTE . So not worried here haha . Just waiting for Verizon to release it . I am a heavy user with an old grandfathered Verizon unlimited plan. So I'm happy . I watch videos all day ,upload files for customers at work 24/7 , run speed tests every 10 mins haha . So yeaa. Just waiting for them faster speeds that my phone is capable of . Another reason I will never get an iPhone.

  4. camsteremail says:

    Intel does have the chip 7560 it just most likely not in production long enough to supply the iPhone.

  5. Oscar F says:

    The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X all come with the Snapdragon X16 Gigabit LTE modem inside at least de CDMA version (Verizon/Sprint and Unlocked) also has 256 QAM. It is just missing the 4X4 Mimo so it can be qualified as a gigabit phone. Btw you will not get even close to 1 gigabit on any phone doesn’t matter what brand or OS is using.

  6. PimeTechnology says:

    After uploading this video, it is apparent that the iPhone 8 Qualcomm version has the X16 GIGABIT capable chip, but Apple hasn’t added support for 4X4 MIMO. So, it’s only going to go up to 600 Mbps. Intel modem is a MINIATURE upgrade.

  7. Dave Biddle says:

    I fix a tear down said there was a gigabit chip inside the iPhone eight and 8+

  8. Dave Biddle says:

    How come I fix it set up as a gigabit speed trap inside when they tore down

  9. Rondell Sam says:

    This is the primary reason why I didn't get the iphone 8/ plus.I will not be getting the ""X" either apple really messed up this year.

  10. Weatheronthe8s says:

    Nice video, but may I ask why it goes blank for a few minutes then cuts to you speedtesting.

  11. Tech4YourNeeds says:

    Most iPhone users are average consumer so it doesn’t matter. That is how I see it.

  12. Minecraft Superkiller5812 says:

    Nice hat

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