iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8: LTE Battle Vid!!!

Lightning Speeds On The Go

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8: LTE Battle Vid!!!

LTE speeds and connectivity are important and its time to test that out to see who doe sit better. Between the iPhone X & Galaxy Note 8

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Samsung Galaxy Note8 (US Version) Factory Unlocked Phone – 6.3″ Screen – 64GB – Midnight Black (U.S. Warranty) – http://amzn.to/2zUxszB
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20 Responses

  1. Ashton Acord says:

    I have an iPhone X with At&T and I have been consistently getting speeds well over 100mbps. The fastest I ever got was 175mbps.

  2. CamaroWarrior says:

    With my Note8 here in NYC fastest i got so far has been 116mbps down and like 55mbps up SO FAR…. but on wifi idk why its slow i hve verizons fios Gigabit speed and in the same room all i get max 544mbps down and 560mbps up with my note 8, figured it could of been higher.

  3. John Evans says:

    I think most people who use/stick with Apple don't do it because they're comparing the hardware. I've been Apple devoted for a long time, however I'm also a big PC guy. I gave the Galaxy S8+ a go a few months ago and I did enjoy it at first, but I quickly realized the stuff I use a smart phone for is far superior on the Apple. The reason is iOS.

    The Android OS, no matter what phone you have is/always has been years behind iOS. It's clunkier, riddled with hidden/obvious adertisement's and honestly disrespectful to the power that some of big Android phones are capable of. I can't honestly put my finger on it, be it Apple's patents, TOO many developers or what. It's a shame tho. It's basically like putting 6 cylinder twin turbo engine inside of a 2002 Corolla.

    So depressing

  4. Danny Meyer says:

    What carrier were these tests from? 360mbps on a note 8 is insane!

  5. Red Hood says:

    That white bar at the bottom of the Note 8 is ugly

  6. Fernando Dela Cruz says:

    Iphone has better hardware and software it so happen that galaxy note 8 has 4×4 mimo atenna that could combine 4 LTE signal so ull be getting better reception

  7. Murat Akdoğan says:

    Testi Türkiye de yapsam internetim video nun yarısında bitmişti aq

  8. Facundo Amarilla says:

    Like a los que les saltó un anuncio del new Galaxy Note8 😂🤣🤣🤣

  9. MrTeebo says:

    For me make no difference my wish is to reach 20 Mbps i only get 4 up to 6 😭😭😭

  10. Rens van Aarden says:

    i get 240mbps on LTE on my iphone 6s… why you get that slow speeds on iphone x

  11. Ulikemyname says:

    the ping is higher on the iPhone and my question is why when u are using same internet hmmmmm

  12. AXLiberty says:

    iPhone is shit 🙂

  13. RagingTiger says:

    A $1000 for a piece of shit that doesn't even support the latest technology

  14. Fernanda Milanez says:


  15. ali ali says:

    At least show us if both phones are connected to the same WiFi network…I can’t believe these kinds of results

  16. dj bubu says:

    Evreybody should try and see that is not really accurate.

  17. neural_physics says:

    Yet another reason the Note 8 is a superior smartphone

  18. Richard Trahar says:

    No issues here on 4G getting 80+ down, 40+ up on my X in a rural area in the UK

  19. Shyamal S. Chandra says:

    Hi, did you check how much power is consumed by the wireless networking chips when they are downloading at such high speeds? Isn't there a reason for throttling the speed?

  20. dj bubu says:

    I did a speed test on iphone x and i got 90 download and 45 upload.
    Try a different carrier.

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