Netgear Nighthawk M1Unboxing (4GX Gigabit LTE Mobile Router)

Lightning Speeds On The Go

Netgear Nighthawk M1Unboxing (4GX Gigabit LTE Mobile Router)

Netgear Nighthawk M1 (4GX Gigabit LTE Mobile Router)
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The Nighthawk for AT&T is the first hotspot to support gigabit LTE, the fastest LTE standard currently available.

Read our entire review of the Nighthawk right here! is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news.

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Video Rating: / 5


29 Responses

  1. My England speaks not so happy says:

    fuck this shit. it do not has 800 mhz lte

  2. Sixtygods says:

    Could you please do a speed test and also test it for gaming to see if you can get an open Nat type ??

  3. Rim KC says:

    do some speed test.. people like to watch

  4. iTwayf says:

    To get more technical specifications about M1 MR1100, please go to

  5. Jeffson Allen says:

    Check Netgear Nighthawk M1 MR1100 More Details here:

  6. Ash .S says:

    Can you use this like a normal wifi network? For example, can I connect my sonos speakers to it?

  7. flippin_son says:

    Hi Hari,

    Are you still using the Nighthawk? I am considering making the switch from Optus wireless to Telstra for the extra speed. I see in Sydney they are getting amazing speeds in the city.

  8. silverss onyoutube says:

    just looked at the deal on this telstra for this on a 20gb plan is $70 a month . thats very good.

  9. silverss onyoutube says:

    so its like a portable pocket wifi . except its too big for a pocket. would it work with a Vodafone sim are they unlocked ?

  10. Yerano Martinez says:

    Does this router has an IPv6 for video game use

  11. jon suejoj says:

    that thing is expensive af

  12. Redneck Ram's Parlor says:

    Sadly for some of us, this is one of the only options for home internet.

  13. Patrick Carroll says:

    No 4K video? It's 2018

  14. Marquette Smith says:

    The Netgear Jetpack AC791L – Verizon’s New Flagship Hotspot? 2015

  15. ThePyleDriver says:

    Few things:

    1) AT&T does network management at 22GB, not throttling. Unless you are on a congested tower you should see no slowdown.

    2) The hotspot can be run without the battery from an external power source. This is huge for people with regular heavy use as they can leave it on all the time without damaging the battery by keeping it under constant charge.

    3) The ethernet port can also be used to connect any network device as a client (the firmware update you mentioned).

    4) It can also do "travel router" duty via WiFi avoiding cellular data usage.

    5) There is conflicting data out there on the external antenna performance but one thing that seems to be agreed upon is that doing so will disable the internal 4×4 MIMO and run the unit in 2×2 MIMO (assuming you use a MIMO antenna with two connectors). External vs. internal being better seems very location dependent so it's wise to try both.

    6) It has great advanced configuration and status reporting via a very easy to use admin website.

  16. dogiit1 says:

    5 g is in testing now and will be out next year 2019 just look it up is scheduled to come out 2019

  17. Carlos Dudas says:

    Great review, lots unlocked units on eBay. going to see about using with Project Fi.

  18. chaos123x says:

    I'm not sure these guys should be the arbiters of what is cool. Probably getting one though.

  19. oldsstarfire says:

    Just a note. I currently stream Netflix @ 332kb on DSL. So it should work for Netflix even when throttled.

  20. David Holloway says:

    Ok so I just ordered this through direct tv for 65$ a month at 25 mb down at 1 tb yes 1tb data cap per month. Call now, this is a game changer for internet on the go. It only cost 32$ to activate and start.

  21. tracy willis says:

    a couple of points to clarify wrong info on this video. the reason you would want this over using a note 8 is because of the data cap. hotspot on a phone and your limited to 10GB. on this hotspot, you add it as a device and you get 22GB and deprioritized after that, ONLY IF THE TOWER IS CONGESTED, on the unlimited plus plan. myself i have put 200GB on it for the last 2 months with zero throttling. i use it for my primary home internet.

    in a big city where ATT is the major carrier you will probably see throttled connections but i havent verified that as of yet.

  22. Robert L says:

    So just to make sure, pop an AT&T SIM card in and connect this hotspot to my computer with an Ethernet cable and my computer will have internet?

  23. Victor A says:

    Why are they not looking at us the viewer….?

  24. Joel Casas says:


  25. maiky rivera says:

    What simcard uses or can I put my phone sim card in it

  26. Uchiha Arii says:

    That e-mail notification had me checking all my devices 😂

  27. Jason Marshall says:

    Which I seem is the fast

  28. Jason Marshall says:

    I have atat Samsung s 8 plus but only get 50 to 60 gb

  29. Suzanne Rowe says:

    Can I use this with a Net10 sim card?

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