On the path to 5G with TDD 12-stream Gigabit LTE

Lightning Speeds On The Go

On the path to 5G with TDD 12-stream Gigabit LTE

At #CES2018, Nokia, Qualcomm and Sprint demonstrated the first ever stream of a 6K virtual reality using 2.5Ghz spectrum over TDD LTE network, delivering an amazing immersive experience.


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  1. GoldenHeart Boy says:

    I'm still waiting for the 5G, (Nokia)☺ So, keep going making it and don't rush for a better results🙂 Thanks Nokia🤗

  2. Narendra Rajput says:

    Your golden time will start if you launch a smartphone with my specs.

    Sim- 4g LTE support.

    Display- AMOLED Display, 300ppi or above.
    1280×720 or 1080×1920.

    Camera- Front- 8MP or above (But keep quality)
    Rear- 13MP (f1.8 or f1.7 with carl zeiss) or above (keep best quality)

    Processor- Octa or Quad core 2 Ghz or above.

    Storage- Internal 32GB or above with external sd support.

    Memory- RAM 2GB or above.

    Audio- 3.5mm jack ,
    best quality speaker.
    USB- OTG Support.

    Sensor- All average sansors fingerprint, proxymity accel.. magnet.. orinat.. etc.

    Battery- 3000 mAh or above.

    Price in Indian Rupees 15000-20000.

  3. Narendra Rajput says:

    A advise for NOKIA…..
    Your all smartphone 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, are good.
    But i want to say that if you thinking to launch a new smartphone in India.
    Then launch a mobile with AMOLED display and best camera (like your old smartphone Example-NOKIA N8) in mid range (Rs.10000-20000).
    Because Indian user like a best camera and AMOLED display.
    if you will launch next smartphone with these specs in India it will NOKIA's best seller smartphone.

  4. akdayama says:


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