Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 vs 820 Main Differences Explained

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 vs 820 Main Differences Explained

Main differences between Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 vs 820 mobile chipset and did you know OEM can select between 2 different versions of 821 SOC for there mobiles and the differences explained compared to Snapdragon 820

Hindi version of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j9zVZwOQ0U

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  1. Geekyranjit says:

    Don't forget to watch my new video on Snapdragon 835 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-imXlsoAxu4

  2. sk hasibul ali says:

    But i like your video

  3. sk hasibul ali says:

    I dont like your face

  4. Sambhav Saini says:

    Hi I have a Z2 plus it has sd 820 and mi 4 has sd 435 but mi 4 is faster than mine Z2 plus so what really is the benefit of higher Snapdragon ??? And what's the benefit of more GHz ?

  5. k00LGuY671 says:

    I enjoyed your videos. I sub

  6. Biswanath Dora says:

    You Rock's Sir_Ji 👍

  7. Nisharg Gosai says:

    Guys you can check out this awesome december dash from one plus india where you can win their exciting products and accessories!!!! ( dont worry not a clickbait just a refferal link) LINK: https://oneplusstore.in/december?_act_referrer=15802456#.WE0z5-COlqs.link

  8. sai kiran says:

    when Moto x style gets Android 7 update?

  9. Michael says:

    Ranjit, I'm thinking about buying Xiaomi Mi 5 or Mi 5s.
    Mi 5 has 820, 16MP camera, with smaller pixels. But it HAS OIS. Here, in my country, it goes for 270-280 euros, which is about $290-300.
    Mi 5s has 821, 12MP camera, with bigger pixels and NO OIS. This phone is new, and I only found 2 sellers here, 1 has it for 350 euros, and other for 390 euros, which is $370 and $415 respectively.

    Do you think I should get the Mi 5s? Lack of OIS is making me think really hard about this 1.
    But then again, it has bigger pixels, which makes up for the lack of OIS in pictures, even at night.
    However, lack of 4k stabilisation is there, and it's bothering me? I hear it has DIS, or EIS when it comes to 1080p video, but don't know about that 1. DIS is not that great. Although EIS on Pixel is really good, except when moving phone to sides. Also, it can shoot 1080p 120fps, which is a plus…

    Do you think it's worth it?
    I might wait for a while, like around New Year to pick the phone up. I need the price to drop a little bit.
    Or, should I just get the glass back Mi 5?

  10. Vimal Singh says:

    Mediatek vs snapdragon which one is good

  11. SHAIKH MD ADIL says:

    hey Ranjit, Which phone should i buy under 15000/- i want to buy it in the next month. 01.12.2016. (I want a phone with a good build quality, good design, good battery life, good processor. camera is not my priority)

  12. Arjeet Biswal says:

    Watch with captions…😆😆😆 Thank me later

  13. sanjeev sharma says:

    Xiaomi Mi 5s (launched recently) has snapdragon 821

  14. Hiya Sachdev says:

    Hey! Could you also do a video wherein you explain what the new oxygen os open beta 7 update is all about? if I update to Open Beta 7 will I not get official OnePlus Oxygen updates?

  15. shivajee says:

    ranjit m big big fan of yours i hv watched almost all of your videos, i hv to gift a phone to my mum i would be thankful if you can suggest me a best phone under 20k

  16. Sanzog Joshi says:

    SD 800 comes 1st then 650 nd 652 why pls reply…..

  17. Muthukumaran N M says:

    @Geekyranjit Snapdragon 835 announced.

  18. Momin Riyaz says:

    hindi me bat kar beta to subscribe karenge log

  19. The gAmers says:

    I'm using one plus 3 and I'm feeling that my phone is out dated now

  20. Wayne Richter says:

    All that hubbub just for VR. I can't say that it's at all exciting to me, I'll let that tech mature for about a decade or so before I start to take any interest in it.

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