Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 enables Gigabit LTE, 4K60p 360 live stiching, 6-degrees VR at CES 2017

Lightning Speeds On The Go

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 enables Gigabit LTE, 4K60p 360 live stiching, 6-degrees VR at CES 2017

Here’s a booth tour at the Qualcomm CES 2017 Booth, showing some of the features that Qualcomm is introducing with their 10nm Snapdragon 835 processor, the first processor to use the “Built on Cortex” technology ARM License. Qualcomm’s 10nm Kryo 280 might be built (my speculation) on quad ARM Cortex-A73 and quad ARM Cortex-A53, but customized by Qualcomm with their own design features on top, or throughout, including also Qualcomm’s own memory controllers and Qualcomm’s new X16 Gigabit LTE Baseband system. Qualcomm X16 Baseband supports up to Gigabit 1000mbit/s download speed and 150Mbps upload speed. It can function over a mix of licensed and unlicensed carrier spectrum. At the Qualcomm booth, this video also shows off some of the other awesome features that Qualcomm is making available with Snapdragon 835, includingn HDR10 4K60p HDMI 2.1a support and potentially HDR ready displays for smartphones to come, Project Tango and similar depth sensing for 6-degrees of freedom VR experiences merging the virtual world with the real world, turning VR into AR. Some other new multimedia features include live real-time stitching of 360 video at 4K 60 frames per second (possibly encoding with H265) which could enable the most advanced 360 video recording, also possibly recording 360 audio. Then combining 3 microphones to design directional audio recording similar to a shotgun microphone, improving the electronic image stabilization functionality (now to version 3.0) and deep neural networks run on the device for integrating advanced computer vision in the smartphone.


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  1. Hermes O says:

    Thank you for this report.i feel i made i great investment in buying qcom stock.way underrated cheap stock.

  2. Scott Shipley says:

    Yet we don't even have a decent 3G network

  3. Michael A says:

    Qualcom stock is real cheap right now. I own some shares but boy I wish I had more money to buy more, and yes SnapDragon and 5G is brought to you by Qualcom a us company.

  4. fabutrash says:

    Great video, I loved the relentless questions you threw at the staff. Some of which were absolutely rude or clueless! But overall exciting tech being released by Qualcomm!

  5. Al Hilal says:

    love your content! keep it up! subscribed!

  6. DJ - Rocket Man - says:

    lol gigabyte nobody has that. pointless even 5 years there won't be gigabyte.

  7. locao51 says:

    maybe 30 years from now ill have gigabit internet wired fiber

  8. locao51 says:

    3rd world countries no no for you that's basically what's going on .. I'm still to have more than 15 megabits On Wired ,4g is limited all over my city doesnt go even 3g its so saturated.

  9. Sai's gadget to use says:

    which camera was used to shoot this video?

  10. Jiren says:

    they always talks about network and a little increase in gpu… hows the CPU power when incomes in speed

  11. Aziz Chaudhry says:

    This Gigabit speed seems like a pie in the sky idea. Do we have any assurances that the Snapdragon won't overheat or throttle like its predecessors?

  12. Helber Lomar says:

    man, thechnology upgrade so fast …

  13. Dan Bracket_fredyfrankle1 says:

    I just got 821 :/

  14. CZARNYEU says:

    Nice Video about Qualcomm @ CES 🙂 THX 4 that. I invitte You to watch my channel too Bro

  15. Mike Trieu says:

    Unless the carriers zero-rate this kind of content, there's no way a reasonable data plan will be able to take advantage of those kinds of streams.

  16. khail chain says:

    thanks for the great video bro

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