Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Unveil | CES 2017

Lightning Speeds On The Go

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Unveil | CES 2017

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Unveil | CES 2017

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 was announced by company’s CEO Steve Mollenkopf. The new processor allows users to work with big amounts of data right on their smartphones. Snapdragon 835 was created by 10 nm technological process, which is for the first time in Mobile Processors Industry. There also was announced the new Drone from Qualcomm powered by Snapdragon 835. Details are in video! This is the compact version of Qualcomm Presentation on CES 2017!

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source: qualcomm.com

Article: https://goo.gl/4LhUYo
The new Kryo 280 CPU inside Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 835 is the first mainstream semi-custom CPU core design “built using ARM Cortex technology.” Gary explains what it all means.

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40 Responses

  1. santhosh santhu says:

    Apple processor always better

  2. Presley Chan says:

    I got a Qualcomm ad before this.

  3. SeaJay Oceans says:

    You can already feel the 5G cancer and death, as your mitochondria dying just listening to him explain the sea of radiation they will drown you in. Biology is not compatible with such intense radiation. For the skeptics out there, sure, 1 or 2 devices may be safe… no imagine a city filled with hundreds of 5G millimeter wave focused beam transmitters, thousands of WiFi home systems, and hundreds of thousands of 5G cell phones. Then add in the higher power automobile based systems, city wide traffic systems, weather monitoring, industrial control, and electrical meter systems, and on and on and on. The Cities will be on fire, and you are the ones getting BURNED.

  4. Super Geekys says:

    This is shit in front of the Nvidia tegra x1!

  5. Nem says:

    this chip is going to solve all the world problems

  6. Light is greater than darkness says:

    I originally got the unlocked Exynos 8895 6gb RAM Galaxy S8+ and ended up handling a Snapdragon 835 North American model… They both go toe to toe but I must say, not only was the Snapdragon 835 handling multitasking better but the benchmark proved it. The single core performance was slightly better on the Exynos 8895 but indistinguishable in real life performance. Multitasking with both and you can feel the difference the Snapdragon brings! Kudos to Qualcom! VERY strong and future capable CPU…
    The international S8+ I returned so I could buy some security cams around my home, don't really need two S8+'s…

  7. Daniel Luna says:

    I love tech and all but the first spokesperson was soooooo damn boring :v

  8. TEXASBLAZE 101 says:

    fuck A10

  9. GeoStreber says:

    I want this in a Windows Phone

  10. kalpesh4100 says:

    It's so little- the processor.

  11. Sudden Revelations says:

    The A10 is way way way better than the SD835

  12. جمال الدين اعناني says:

    this new processor looks great
    But I live in Morocco

  13. Pandu Gumelar says:

    I'm smelling a future Mi 6 processor

  14. Livein China says:

    I will go with Windows 10 on Surface Phone, instead of Android or iOS

  15. Scott Shipley says:

    5G? We can't even get 3/4G right so what's the point?

  16. Ivan Galvez says:

    To many haters 😂😪😪

  17. Dr Peter jones says:

    Clearly this is an individual opinion not based on facts…so why say it ?

    the truth is that line operators will acquire against the public interest both five G and line networks which will fix prices as a monoploy. In such market curcumstances no market penitration will take place and the promised expansion of goods and services will decline…

    However if the regulator stops this monpoly from forming as proposed in the UK /EU a price difference and competition could provide healthy competition for a small expansion of a market place…

  18. sandeep Naryal says:

    looking at a robot speaking

  19. Balaji Chandrasekaran says:

    now itz 10nm 😎
    we would hit the limit of Quantum💥 Tunneling by 2020 and we'll have a Quantum SoC by Qualcomm i hope

  20. the one you dont see says:

    basically 5g is mobile data speed that matches home internet service plans. 2g and 3g are dsl speeds 1g is dial up speeds 4g is 1mbit cable 4glte is 10mbit 4glte advanced is eather 10mbit x2 or 20mbit depending on method of delivering enough speed for 1080p 30fps 720p 60fps and with full cell bars 1080p 60fps streaming. 5g will be 100mbit cable speeds witch match actual service speeds of home cable plans witch can with full cell bars do 4k 30fps and provide practical bandwidth for tethering to more than one device witch has been lacking with 4glte advanced even.

  21. Suzy Siviter says:

    Amazing to think this all started from the original BBC Micro Computer. England leads the way in mobile architecture – suck that EU!.

  22. Bahaa Mohammed says:

    What about SD 845?

  23. ju70135 says:

    Great video

  24. Todd Bell says:

    Gary, you are a real gift to the Android community at large.

  25. Aldo says:

    maybe qualcomm rely on cortex a53 modified… a73 drains much more power

  26. Karma Gunz says:

    Best tech vlog!! Period

  27. Muhammed Koçak says:

    Does everyone remember the first r1 A15 ARM Dualcores at 32nm with just the MaliT604 MP4?
    It was quite slow for higher power things but it was quite nice for the first Samsung Chromebook which came out at the End of 2012 if I remember correctly. Even a slightly better Cortex A15 r4(revision 4 with bug fixes and better performance lower power draw) + 28nm + Mali T624 (Midgard 1.1) would have been better.
    Now just imagine Samsung pulling a new low priced cromebook with Cortex A75+55 and Mali G72.
    How good would that be? At 10nm LPP if not 8nm LPP

  28. John Yong says:

    What about exynos 8895?

  29. mohit Mehra says:

    I think Snapdragon 835 can run GTA 5

  30. Daniel Scott says:

    Love the videos Garry!

  31. uchiha suske says:

    is that true that if y use mobile phone with snapdragon proceser you could have LTE or 4G conectivty on uur mobile phone or what??

  32. uchiha suske says:

    im one of yur chaneel subscuriber i want you about samsung or other compaines smartphone my queztion is why samsung and an other smart compaines send to middile east mobile phones with not orginal proceser i found that my core prime and other mobile phone here came with other kinds of procesers not a snap dragon proceser thats schocked me when i kenw this

  33. Ano Nymous says:

    Very cool thank you for the update, BUT next time record all your videos with at least 50% volume increase. Most of the people are watching Youtube on their mobile devices or PCs/Macs where as you know we do not have super sound system and you do not have that sharp voice or articulation yourself to really step up from the "hard to recognize" shade of voices. Just consider that as a advice for the future. Cheers 😉

  34. Dinesh Gouda says:

    Here comes the Gandalf of Android Authority…!!!

  35. Twisted Prime says:

    kirin master race

  36. Zafriq Tuah says:

    intelligent brain you have there m8

  37. Sammy Salman says:

    is there a phone that can run on a desktop cpu????????????????????? that wouldn't be the real game changer.

  38. William Guzmán says:

    Holy Shit !! Real course on mobile architecture. Thanks !!

  39. Diego Khoo says:

    Gary Rocks

  40. Abderrahim Khalek says:

    Snapdragon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Crapxynos

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