Samsung Galaxy S8 Speed Test on T-Mobile’s LTE Network

Lightning Speeds On The Go

Samsung Galaxy S8 Speed Test on T-Mobile’s LTE Network

In its Bellevue lab, T-Mobile reached gigabit-class LTE speeds using the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are the first smartphones ever to simultaneously harness the power of three advanced LTE technologies already built in to the T-Mobile network—including 4×4 MIMO, carrier aggregation and 256 QAM. Only the Un-carrier’s network has this trifecta of speed-boosting technologies. T-Mobile achieved a global first with the rollout of 4×4 MIMO last year, and has launched more LTE Advanced technologies than anyone else in the industry. In addition, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will be the very first devices that enable T-Mobile customers to use LTE-U to tap into underutilized unlicensed spectrum on the 5 GHz band. T-Mobile already has more capacity per subscriber than AT&T and Verizon, and the addition of LTE-U will only extend that lead and further improve the Un-carrier’s blazing-fast speeds. And, LTE-U will make it possible for T-Mobile to bring its forthcoming Gigabit LTE to more places across the country.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will be twice as fast in hundreds of cities on T-Mobile’s Advanced LTE Network. Learn more about the technology here:
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  1. Mateus Marquezini says:


  2. User User says:

    Blazing fast!!

  3. Free Videos Official says:

    SUPER FAST!!!😋😋

  4. uday sampath kumar sesetti says:

    50 mbps is more than enough and this makes it look too small

  5. Pablo Romero says:

    lol funny but no way we are going to get those speeds

  6. Taylor Renton says:

    Why would you ever need this?

  7. Francisco Santos says:

    FAKE AF 🤔

  8. LEGIO XIII says:

    Check this for fast LTE – real life, not in a lab.

  9. Eric V says:

    inside a controlled lab right next to the server, congratulations…

  10. Eli George says:

    when your phones upload is double your computers download

  11. CarterVlogs says:

    Can't wait to get my hands on the note 8

  12. Itz Brandon says:

    Stop hating. Yes T-Mobile won't have speeds like this everywhere with the Galaxy S8 but it's more about how much of an advantage it can take over T-Mobile's LTE network. It has LTE-U,256×256 QUAMS, and 4×4 MIMO and more! Yes Verizon has better service overall but it doesn't change the fact that In many cities, T-Mobile is a good cellular provider. Besides they're making HUGE progress with the 600MHZ.

  13. 10001000101 says:

    Even in a lab the upload is crap.

  14. bronxtaskforce01 says:

    what are the icons displayed on the top left side of the screen mean?

  15. Fojum says:

    Where does t mobile have so fast internet? On speedtest on youtube i only see like 20mbps download

  16. Raids says:

    Here's a " pain point" making sure that customers have the best plan for them, when a cheaper plan comes along. people never know about the new plans.

  17. anjopag31 says:


  18. jimmyk0147 says:

    I see people on these forms Saying Verizon better let me tell you I had Verizon recently the new unlimited data plan thinking that coverage was going to be excellent the hotspot no congestion throttle to pre-proven that I was wrong when I had gotten service the data we ran tests I drove around the coast drop calls drop signal dropped 1xwhat the hell is 1x

  19. Mohammed Al-Ghamdi says:


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