Samsung LTE modem can reach 1.2 gb speeds!!!

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Samsung LTE modem can reach 1.2 gb speeds!!!

Samsung LTE modem can reach 1.2 gb speeds!!!

Samsung is making a new LTE modem and chip that can achieve 1.2 gigabit per second. it is unlikely that these speeds will ever be achieved due to network restrictions. Leave a comment let me know what you guys think about this new modem. When do you think the United States and Networks will be able to catch up to the hardware that we have available in our devices?
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  1. Maxwell Adams says:

    It is the X20LTE modem

  2. angus oke says:

    I think the wireless industry here in the U.S. are restricted by a lot of regulation plus they are money hungry. Until these issues are addressed I am afraid these innovative smart phones and modems will mean nothing. It's like putting a Ferrari on a go cart track being our networks. Thanks for the vid.

  3. slumman 33 says:

    S8 support 4xca on FDD but not TDD. It supports gigabit LTE yet the carriers don't have that yet. They need 50-60 Mbps of Spectrum to do that. Sprint has 60 deployed where B41 is.

  4. Nicky T says:

    The FCC needs to release more spectrum for the carriers to use. 3.5-5GHZ would be ideal along with mmW

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