Snapdragon 835 – 6 Things You Need to Know

Lightning Speeds On The Go

Snapdragon 835 – 6 Things You Need to Know

The Snapdragon 835 is the latest chip from Qualcomm that will be coming to flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Sony XZ Premium – full benchmark:

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20 Responses

  1. Серега Пузанов says:

    то чувство, когда ты русский

  2. ritchie oda says:

    name of phone 0:35

  3. cwilfried says:

    It can run a demo of Win 10.

  4. Deni Cnex says:

    one thing isn't on the List, Overheating is gone. Finally

  5. Be Awsome says:

    is is the snapdragon stronger then the tegra x1

  6. S7 Edge User says:

    oh new crapdragon.

  7. HivE Bass boosterz says:

    mi6 also have 835 sd

  8. NETVO TV says:

    But Sony XZ Premium use all the extra features on the 835 like quickcharge 4?

  9. Captain Angry says:

    apple still leads in ipc and its single thread is like 75% better than sd 835

  10. Pieter Coetzee says:


  11. azrul nizam says:

    32bit audio = 500mb per song isn't. No jk.

  12. Jumajas Jas says:

    1 gb per second… any country with the carrier who has that speed…? i need to live there asap

  13. Sundeep R Haadia says:

    cool tech info and definitely a very cool way of spreading it..keep going

  14. DrEaD lOrD says:

    Well expounded and very informative video. I myself can't wait for the XZ Premium here in our country. 🙂

  15. Ibliss says:

    but yet exynos is still faster…

  16. Arthur Vin says:

    I have both Exynos and Snapdragon S7 Edge, and Exynos always felt more responsive and stable since very beginning. Having Snapdragon just to support outdated CDMA standard? CDMA should have been deprecated in last century.

  17. Mahfuz Anam Ullash says:

    you didn't mention Mi6..disappointed.

  18. Ced''S Entertainment Channel [( spac20 )] says:

    MediaTek also made some very Big achievements. check their official Facebook page 😉 👍

  19. CZARNYEU says:

    820 is still enought

  20. Surya Data says:

    Xiaomi mi6 too

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