Snapdragon 835 Laptops: 22 Hours of Battery Life!

Lightning Speeds On The Go

Snapdragon 835 Laptops: 22 Hours of Battery Life!

Snapdragon 835 Laptops: 22 Hours of Battery Life!

Read the post: | Laptops are becoming more like smartphones. That means insane battery life. Watch to see how Qualcomm and Microsoft made it happen!

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20 Responses

  1. Zaid Thonge says:

    0:34 which SmartWatch is that ???

  2. Raynold Regan says:

    You lost me at " Windows "

  3. Younes Tennoussi says:

    I need this laptop

  4. unfragablegaming says:

    It's with Windows 10 S so it's complete garbage.

  5. Saito C says:

    No its not called spectre x2. Thats a completely different device from a different device line. Its called envy x2. From the envy series.

  6. Erwin Schrödinger says:

    My Sony Xperia XZ Premium is the first available smartphone that shipped with the snapdragon 835

  7. Spectacle Cayman says:

    But can it run crysis?

  8. Inje Kim says:

    But it's not part of 'All things Android'

  9. rappie1 says:

    misschien koop ik wel een bentley, misschien koop ik wel een honda! vroom vroom.

  10. mad hero 2 says:

    I'm dieing to know how it will handle AAA games

  11. awsomeedv gaming says:

    Its not even a laptop its a tablet and the snapdragons cant run anyring on pc they are rely weak

  12. Osama Abdul muhsin says:


  13. dani says:

    Still waiting for laptops powered by carrots..

  14. Alexander Kruszewski says:

    So… no one remembers surface RT ?

  15. crumcon says:

    id rather wait for Snapdragon 855 Laptops, 835 is way too weak to replace intel i7 or AMD's Ryzen

  16. sonicblast19 says:

    The question is; what type of apps will run on this thing. if it's an Windows 10S type of machine, like the old Windows RT, screw that.

  17. Wafflepress says:

    I thought the whole point of Windows 10 ARM was to compete with cheep Chromebooks, but I guess not. Why get this when you can get an i5 and dedicated graphics and just have to bring the power brick?

  18. David Whitfield says:

    Always connected is a problem for those who live away from the rats nests people call cities. Now the same thing without the need to maintain online connections would be useful.

  19. Madson Freitas says:

    Expensive. Next

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