Sprint Gigabit Class LTE speedtest

Lightning Speeds On The Go

Sprint Gigabit Class LTE speedtest

– Captured during the demonstration of Sprint’s Gigabit Class LTE readiness, on a live commercial network.
– Test conducted in Smoothie King Center during the Pelicans vs Raptors NBA game in New Orleans 03/08/17
– Unreleased Motorola device used, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile platform.
– Infrastructure supplied by Nokia


8 Responses

  1. getoffmeluckycharms says:

    That upload makes me want to cry. Dat download doe, damn

  2. TheOriginalGamer says:

    That upload is sad

  3. anonymo0ous says:

    الله يلعن stc

  4. Manuel Alanis says:

    either fake !! using WiFi or he's next to the tower !!

  5. pluffaduff says:

    You know when its sprint if they have the slow upload lel – I am completely fine with this

  6. michael Xu says:

    What city is this ?

  7. The Syndrosphear says:

    That is Freakin Awesome!



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