T-Mobile | Our 5G Future

Lightning Speeds On The Go

T-Mobile | Our 5G Future

T-Mobile | Our 5G Future

5G networks are set to enable one of the biggest tech transformations in history, with incredibly low latency, very high bandwidth and sensors capable of decade-long battery life. At T-Mobile, we will put 5G to work for our customers, like we always have with new technologies. Our focus is on all the exciting ways 5G will revolutionize our lives. Here’s a glimpse into the kinds of experiences our 5G network will enable. Yea, the future kicks ass.

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20 Responses

  1. TJ Patterson says:

    We have no idea why you would want a connection 100x faster than 4G, but 5G sounds like progress and we are betting the credulous public will buy it anyway. "Get throttled 100 times faster with 5G!"

  2. TJ Patterson says:

    I come from the industry, and as an engineer with patents, I can assure you that 5G is total hype. It would take any carrier 15 to 20 years to have meaningful coverage with millimeter wave ("5G") because of its distance limitation of 200 meters…. Yes folks, transmission is limited to 600 feet. So until you see antennas on your neighbor's mailbox, don't believe the hype.

  3. Paul Petty says:

    Woot woot, I can’t wait to be slowly microwaved

  4. don taylor says:

    I'm not n a rush for 5g more radiation dummys.

  5. Clay V says:

    I think it is very unrealistic for the technology they show to be like that by 2020, maybe it is only a few years off of when it will reach that point, but not 2020.

  6. Hudaman says:

    666th like! LOL!

  7. DafuqTVXY says:

    Yeah now i can Lose my 1 GB high speed in 0,03 seconds! Finaly

  8. Dane Anderson says:

    most of this stuff looks like its device based (high end specs) and doesnt really require 5G speeds lol

  9. Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid says:

    Shut up and take my money!!!

  10. Santos Chavez says:

    I like how T-Mobile has prepared itself for this future; it offers Unlimited plans which in a world with super fast speeds like 5G would bring is basically necessary else you burn through your data cap really really fast, unless plans like 100 GB being the new 1 GB show up or something– which is also likely I suppose 😛

  11. Tino Consiglio says:

    how much will 5G cost ????

  12. Tino Consiglio says:

    how much will 5G cost????

  13. DJ TITO says:

    0:27 My friend Nice work !!

  14. Joshua Rocky says:

    I love t mobile

  15. 2900405 says:

    I'm excited about 5G because the downloads will be a lot faster but I really don't care about all this shit technology like holograms and virtual screens. I will still use smartphones in 50 years.


    Mobile companies are like politicians, lies and promises to get people to join.

  17. Damien Probé says:

    That would be best case scenario. I would like to see this for sure though and I hope it happens.

  18. sterling samspson says:

    Just see technology malfunctions and whole world crashes this isn't the year 3000

  19. LagrangePoint says:

    All I want to know is when I can ditch AT&T U-Verse. Have no choice for home internet.

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