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Lightning Speeds On The Go

Driving Towards Telematic Application Development

Abhishek Adappa Telematics is a field of vehicular technology that combines wireless communications, vehicle systems, instrumentation, and software to provide in-vehicle functionality such as telemetry, wireless communications, and navigation. A telematics system is usually based around a telematic control unit (TCU), a specialized computer embedded within vehicles that offers a range of features including a…
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Massive MIMO Trials: Driving Gigabit LTE and 5G Services

Sprint and Ericsson secured early results from their joint field testing of Massive MIMO on the Sprint LTE Plus network in downtown Seattle and Plano, Texas, demonstrating a 4x increase in spectral efficiency. Massive MIMO is key to a network’s ability to meet demands of urban and rural users as a precursor to 5G network…
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