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Lightning Speeds On The Go

Demystifying 5G and the evolution to massive MIMO for increased capacity and profit

What is the motivation for 5G from an operator’s perspective? This webinar explores two critical technologies for evolving 4G into 5G: virtualization of the baseband processing and massive MIMO antenna arrays. Baseband virtualization can result in 50 % lower operating expenses (OPEX) for cellular operators while increasing network capacity by implementing enhanced coordinated multipoint (CoMP).…
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1.2 – From 1G to 4G & Towards 5G – Evolution Of Communication

This is the 2nd part of the series Evolution of communication, In the first videohttps://goo.gl/2A9aah we showed how the way we communicate evolved from Pre historic age to modern age. In this video we have described how the wireless commercial communication developed from Push to Talk system to 1G and then 1G to 4G and…
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