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Lightning Speeds On The Go

Enhanced Mobile Broadband — 5G Innovation for consumers?

Ana Schafer Have you figured out yet how 5G will affect you as a developer? I’ve been posting this series of articles about 5G to show you what’s coming up and to get the wheels of innovation turning in our developer community. In this piece, we’ll look at enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), the part of…
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The 5G Rollout: Roadmap for Mobile Innovation

Ana Schafer Almost weekly, you see an announcement about the 5G rollout in yet another city or region, from the USA to Germany to South Korea. Verizon expects three-fourths of the phones they launch in 2020 to be 5G, and AT&T has announced they are on track for nationwide 5G coverage in mid-year 2020. The…
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Snapdragon Technology Summit Keynote 2017: Leading the Next Generation of Innovation

Qualcomm EVP Cristiano Amon kicked off this year’s Snapdragon Tech Summit, which included the latest innovations in mobile, news announcements, and technology demos. See how Snapdragon is continuing to lead the industry with new architectures that will bring AI and immersion to 2018 flagship smartphones. Video Rating: / 5 Subscribe to Engadget on YouTube: http://engt.co/subscribe…
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