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Lightning Speeds On The Go

650MB File Uploaded in 1min 30 secs on Telstra Gigabit LTE network

This 4K 360° video is a huge 650MB file. Uploaded to YouTube on Telstra’s live 4G network on a busy Friday lunch time in Sydney. Video Rating: / 5

Telstra Nighthawk M1 Gigabit LTE Hotspot Hands-On

Telstra’s Nighthawk M1 Gigabit LTE hotspot will go on sale in Australia from mid-February for 0 outright, or on contract. We go hands on with Telstra’s latest hotspot to see if it can live up to its bold speed claims. For more on the Telstra Nighthawk M1 visit www.finder.com.au/telstra-nighthawk-m1-review