Verizon Rolling Out Gigabit 4G LTE Speeds

Lightning Speeds On The Go

Verizon Rolling Out Gigabit 4G LTE Speeds

In today’s video I wanted to report to you guys that Verizon is rolling out gigabit 4G LTE speeds. Let me know what you think about this down in the comments below. Please rate, comment, and subscribe! Thank you for watching.

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  1. Landon Gonzalez says:

    T mobile is releasing gigabit LTE speeds but only on certain areas due to the lack of high band spectrum but they are gonna release a low band "5G"

  2. Darryl Mouzone says:

    This is awesome news. Verizon is going to roll this out right, like they did when they first rolled out LTE. I don't live in a major city, so I won't be seeing this for awhile. I'm still excited about it though.

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