What Is 5G? & How 5G Will Change The World!

Lightning Speeds On The Go

What Is 5G? & How 5G Will Change The World!

In this video, we’ll be discussing 5G – more specifically, what it is and its ability to change our world!

5G is a core technology in establishing the digital infrastructure of the future and will be essential in how all of the over 50 billion mobile and connected devices by 2020 will communicate together!

[0:25-2:55] First we’ll take a quick look at the history of mobile networks, and how they have evolved over the
years to present day.

[2:55-14:20] Following that, we’ll focus on the technologies a 5G network is composed of and the improvements in speed,
latency, bandwidth and energy consumption they will bring.

[14:20-23:40] Finally, we’ll discuss the transition process from 4G LTE networks to 5G as well as the timeframe for the release of
5G to the public.

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Producer ➤ Ankur Bargotra
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T-Mobile is the first US wireless company to commit to building a nationwide 5G network. Because 5G isn’t truly mobile if it doesn’t cover you and the things you care about where you go.

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40 Responses

  1. geeseking picking says:

    Cold fusion lol

  2. bujashaka says:

    these travel at speed of light but my connection is fucking slow. ^^

  3. TJ Patterson says:

    The simple fact is that we don't need faster downloads. Carriers throttle our connections, so what we reach the the throttled rate more quickly? 5G is all hype from the most disliked companies in the USA… Carriers.

  4. Felipe Arbusto says:

    Thank you for uploading. Informative!

  5. Ninos Koussa says:

    Yet I still have no mobile network coverage by my house and I live in NY in 2018

  6. Robert Palumbo says:

    time in transit

  7. Luke Kelly says:

    speak slightly (only slightly) slower please. you get excited and its hard to understand some of the words, which is a shame cause i can tell you put a lot of work into this. great content tho! reminds me of cold fusion another great channel

  8. Ric Saxton says:

    5G aint crap. I'm from the future, hold out for the break through tech of 8G! The kids call it BiG.

  9. Markxxx says:

    4G is not actually 4G, they lowered the standard so they could call enhanced 3G, 4G

  10. heshonelikethesun says:

    the american empire must end.

  11. BLACKHAMMER !!! says:

    What line of work is this because I want to get into it

  12. ajay praveen says:


  13. Khilo Ch says:

    very nice demonstration toward technology, appreciate it

  14. Drum Ape says:

    Wow what a great presentation! Thanks

  15. Zathron ! says:

    Great information, but the speech has no space between sentences so it's hard to understand due to no space time between words.

  16. Albert Wang says:

    Awesome, thanks for this video, I am so exciting on the coming of 5G!!!!!

  17. Kev L says:

    South korea has been on 5g for awhile now.
    Verizon, u guys suck. We are barely talking about 5g now.
    Btw, i bought lg v30 so i am already ready for this transition.

  18. hilt19699 says:

    Do you think we will no longer need WiFi when 5g is implemented around the US?

  19. rainbowdeep says:

    Claims of great technology coming but it never arrives.

  20. Freedom Talk Media says:

    I just did a speed test on my sprint phone, In Metro Detroit 4g LTE. I got a ping of a whopping 321ms. My download speed was 5.63 Mbps, which is sufficient for watching a video. My upload speed was an atrocious .74 Mbp, which is not enough for me to have a video call.

    I turned on WiFi and the phone immediately started downloading updates. My Ping was worse at 404, Download was 5.53, and the upload test failed to run.

    After the updates were done: My ping was 109, down was 7.50 and up was 2.46

    I ran the same test on my laptop, on the same WiFi and got: Ping 27, Down 33.50 and up 5.19.

    Does this just mean my phone sucks and it not capable of handing speed?

  21. neil molesworth says:

    FREE human microchip implants,coming to a g.p near you….only ….£99.99p

  22. nismo armada says:

    When is it coming out ?

  23. neuregel says:

    how bout just plain ole 4g in marion, nc?

  24. SakuWandy Cop says:

    Fuck T Mobile

  25. cindy Wilkinson says:

    my son had his phone stolen and we have been with t-mobile for 16 years and we have had insurance the hole time but when we called t-mobile for help we just found out that we have to pay $150 deductible just to get him another phone his phone was payed off but now due to a thief and no money he has no phone

  26. JUSTIN LANE says:

    need to get there 4g LTE faster before they think about 5g

  27. Anthony Vecchio says:

    Just one more crutch to be kicked out from under us by what now seems to be an inevitable EMP. Forget the 5G virtual reality crap and spend the money hardening the electrical grid so we can continue flushing our toilets!

  28. svenm Sandity says:

    yes t mobile your taking to long summer 2017? right Verizon said theres will

  29. rapatator says:

    don't even get service in gloverville so if amazon goes with this go fuck yourself

  30. Kevin Playzz says:

    Why is the unlimited data so slow?

  31. groundtruth412 says:

    as soon as you show me the network I will switch from Verizon to T-Mobile

  32. Bill A says:

    It certainly looks like a LOT of gaps in the new 5g coverage. Bubbles, bubbles everywhere… we shall see…

  33. Hediel Feitosa says:

    Great concept.

  34. Johnny Threefour says:

    Is it true you support ISIS?

  35. Mark Soriano says:

    plss do a giveaway

  36. Johnathan Jocavich says:

    I don't agree with this 5G technology. Personally I feel it should be over SATELLITE so that everyone can have it all over the globe

  37. fastfiddler1625 says:

    I was kind of hoping they were going to say it would be delivered by millions of drones hovering around carrying mobile hotspots. Good time to pick up trap shooting.

  38. Yuk Foo says:

    the future needs to be a day when we dont need internet service providers like comcast or time warner , and everyone has PERSONAL DATA INTERNET WITH FAMILY PLANS that are provided to their cell phones to HOTSPOT to multiple devices at gigibit wireless speeds for everything internet – desktops computers , TABLETS , gaming consoles , servers etc …

  39. NightfrostUS says:

    It'll be interesting to see how such a dramatic increase in mobile network speed and capacity can further augment our already high tech world.

  40. Joseph Beineke says:

    So I can cancel the Charter internet connection then right?

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