What is 5G? Will it Change the World?

Lightning Speeds On The Go

What is 5G? Will it Change the World?

When 5G rolls out, what kind of impact will it have?
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5G is the upcoming next generation of cellular networks, following 4G LTE that we have now. It will boast extremely high speeds, such as 1-10 gigabit, low latency, and much higher bandwidth capacities. 5G will also most likely be used for not just cell phones, but also everyday devices in our home and in cars. It could pave the way for smart cities and self driving cars. I also think it could mean the end of absurd data caps by internet service providers and cell carriers, but that remains to be seen.

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What is 5G NR (New Radio)? How does it differ from today’s 4G LTE technology? John Smee, Vice President of Engineering at Qualcomm Technologies discusses this with RCR Wireless News’ Editor-in-Chief Dan Meyer.

From Qualcomm’s perspective, the “bag of tools” for creating a next-generation network has increased and evolved to include high, mid and low band spectrum (vs. the low band typically used today), native massive MIMO, licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum.

Learn why Qualcomm feels OFDM is one of the most innovative pieces of technology to emerge in the push to 5G and how networks will become smarter and adaptive to different use cases and situations.
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20 Responses

  1. ThioJoe says:

    5G phones!? Who would want to spend $5000 on a phone?

  2. SpaceNum22 says:

    Meanwhile people from the future are like: 5G?? What's that 2036 HAHAHAHAHAHA



  4. Kathleen a. Flynn says:

    What is your problem? You know damn well , this is end game for humanity!!! You act like it's a good thing! 👎👎👎👎👎

  5. CallardAndBowser says:

    I want 5g cellular at home internet service from T-Mobile right now !!!
    I need them to provide a cellular modem that I can connect to my router using an ethernet cable.

  6. orange70383 says:

    You're going to start seeing a lot of the new towers taken down by groups who oppose this technology. The companies are aware of this threat and are trying to build the sites defensively but until they find out by what means the attacks will be carried out it's hard to build in the protection needed.

  7. Petr says:

    Yes that where we are moving to live into microwave turn it ON for 24/7/365 and call it home. No Thanks

  8. Cathy Dowd says:

    Yes it will kill us all. Join us on Face Book ''Smart Meters Health Problems UK'' for discussion on all EMFs.

  9. Tenzin Phk says:

    When 5G comes,what is 6G?will it change the world

  10. Michael Speakman says:

    This means women can't be late ! Right 5G they fore got ? Is gone in the wind ( :

  11. Ryan Kraulik says:

    Thankyou for the information

  12. Kyle says:

    Yet this fool is not talking about the dangers of 5G in government spying and the electric company spying on us

  13. Glenn Clark says:

    and i see u have censored your comments to shills only.real nice.your all mentally derainged.

  14. Glenn Clark says:

    im unsubbing because the fact u didnt talk about the dangers and weaponazation makes me realize your a puppet an shill.an u are pushing driverless cars? i guess next your gonna push transgender A.I And transhuminism?

  15. Loren Snyder says:

    some people say the 5 g is so the govt. can watch us better.. what do you think..

  16. Jim Girouard says:

    the public needs to be informed of the dangerous effects on their immune systems from higher frequencies

  17. jason barthel says:

    i went the fastest 5g speeds in 2018 right now

  18. AaronUJ says:

    Are there any health and environmental affects that can result from the increased radio frequency of 5g technology? And if there are, are they really worth faster internet speeds?

  19. shoarma dj shoarma says:

    My iPad 1 jailbroken got 2g

  20. tom wilson says:

    Your a dork. Get a job

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