What is Gigabit LTE, Why You Need It, & How to Get It

Lightning Speeds On The Go

What is Gigabit LTE, Why You Need It, & How to Get It

HEAD TO THIS LINK FOR MORE INFO ON THIS COOL FEATURE – https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon/gigabit

Guys, we need to talk about a feature in phones that no one seems to be talking about–gigabitLTE.

Now, as the name implies, it’s LTE that is capable of delivering up to 1Gb/s speeds.

I managed to, in San Francisco in the real world, not a lab, get over 400 Mbps. Let me explain.

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20 Responses

  1. Sheikh Suleiman says:

    Huawei mate 10 pro has this

  2. Matthew Wood says:

    This is of course with full strength lte signal. Otherwise expect less.

  3. MyCatFooed says:

    Great viddy man!! Good information!! 👀😁📍👍

  4. Ricky Thomas says:

    What a joke, this won't be in my area for years and Verizon will charge an arm and leg for this level of speed , and don't they have to completely upgrade Towers in certain areas to achieve this?

  5. Jon Snow Fan says:

    Whose mobile having 4g LTE speeds which has 50 MBPS atmost click 👍

  6. Mikej1592 says:

    so my phone supports it but not my provider? hell, I just did an Ookla speed test and… 1.35Mbps download and 0.18 Upload speeds as tested at 3am while at work connected to the SPRINT LTE on my HTC U11… I am not happy with Sprint as you can imagine.

  7. S6 Active And Axon 7 Dude says:

    Pointless long as throttling and data de priorzation exists.

  8. ZCYT says:

    Who can pay for so much net per month???

  9. Brian Underwood says:

    the sd cards are talking about megabytes and the speed test is megabit

  10. Corey Allum says:

    How do we use this? You say now but HOW

  11. Dennis Pietrandrea says:

    This tech is so over hyped. Realistically speaking many markets will never be able to attain these kinds of speeds do to so many variables.

    Also a correct I want to point out. Your internal storage reads in megabytes not megabits which is the data rate for the speedtest app.

  12. walid siline says:

    can u live with 2mbps like we do in algeria ??????

  13. James Vlog says:

    Like and share

  14. James Vlog says:

    Guys don't forget to subscribe

  15. James Vlog says:

    Nice video I like it and do more

  16. Red Hood says:

    Does T-Mobile support Gigabits LTE too?

  17. Ahmad Raza says:

    my device is on the list of official bootloader unlocking

  18. Ahmad Raza says:

    hi can you please do a video of Xperia phone with locked bootloader installing oreo rom

    I have a experia e5 it was locked to Vodafone but now it is unlocked and any network sim can be used the problem is bootloader root is locked says no

    can you please make a video of installing custom rom on locked bootloader Xperia

    do you think my bootloader status change to yes on its own when it's wrannty ends in august 2019

    please reply thankyou

  19. Dick B. says:

    Excellent analysis.

  20. Anand Reddy says:

    Great video!

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