What is mobile Gigabit and why should you care?

Lightning Speeds On The Go

What is mobile Gigabit and why should you care?

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19 Responses

  1. Hadi Zainal says:

    I'm a bit confuse with my Samsung Galaxy S8. I'm not getting the actual 4G LTE Advanced Pro speed which is my Telco already activated recently. My typical average speed at the location was 120Mbps but my friend who using Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could get to 360Mbps. Me and my friend were tested at the same place and at the same time. I wonder what's wrong with my device?

  2. Ant 88 says:

    Faster internet is great but more towers for better coverage is better.

  3. ianiva says:

    Great video guys well done.

  4. Avery Kucan says:

    160mbps download on T-Mobile, 13ms ping.

  5. aznative1973 says:

    Great so we can blow through our monthly data caps in about 34 seconds.

  6. Rifqi Harahap says:

    100-300 mb/s is disapointing

    watching this on my 1 mb/s or slower network

  7. Everett Coldwell says:

    On my 500MB / month data plan, I could max it out in seconds .. hmmm.

  8. Reggie MCH says:

    LTE cell towers 🗼 don't have Gigabit service now. But WiFi fiber have it at home 🏡 so would the Galaxy S8 work with 1 gbps.??

  9. John Doe says:

    I have a feeling the carriers are purposely suppressing the max data and general average data so they can roll out better data max speeds and whatnot so they can continue making money

  10. Andrew Simons says:

    c u in 5 years
    regards Australia.

  11. Lucca Moura Zoppi Maia says:

    Good to know.

  12. Babiboib7 says:

    +Cherlynn Low Very informative, thanks👍

  13. tibbs1990 says:

    I was getting over 100Mbps on my phone at work yesterday, but I'm lucky if I get 15Mbps on ADSL at home…

  14. TbT says:

    4×4 MIMO does not really play a role with smartphones. There is simply no space for 4 antennas in most phones.

  15. naimesh raj says:

    Even if you called me Joker, You're cute 🙂

  16. Carlos A. Guevara says:

    Was this video made for 5 year olds?

  17. diovi rae tumampos says:

    Lol here i am in the Philippines watching this in 5Mbps lolol

  18. Dorupero says:

    Surprisingly​ educational

  19. Kurt Baldacchino says:

    I'm more interested in that emulator you got running there. Anyone got any idea which is it?

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